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Historic Debate in Pushtimarg

Charcha Sabha paksh grahan by Goswami Hariraiji -Sevaswarup ,Seva pradarshan , Sevaprayojan & Sevasthal in Pushtimarg. Watch these Videos

Public Seva NOT in Pushtimarg

Secret of Shree Kumbhandasji Vaarta and Public Haveli Seva not prescribed by Sri Vallabhacharya. Listen to this video by Goswami Shree Shyam Manoharji(kishangarh-parla). Listen here.

Vedant Principles of Swaminarayan sect

"Vedant Principles according to Swaminarayan Sampraday and the Process of Development of Bhakti Sadhana" (New) - Download here

Vedic Religion - Is it a Pagan?

Paper Published by Goswami Shree Shyam Manoharji - Parla titled "Vaishnavi Astha" Part 1 & Part 2
Paper Published by Goswami Shree ShyamManoharji - Parla in Gujarati. Is Vedic Sanatan Hindu religion a Polytheistic Pagan? No. Read the above article.

Are you a true Pushtimargiya?

Read this article and Pushti Siddhant Sukti - Download here

Vadavali Granthas

Title Author Language Description e-book
Vidvan mandanam   Gujarati This granth containers Gujarati translation of Vidvan mandana
Pushti Siddhant Charcha Sabha Compiled by Goswami Sharad Gujarati A must read for all Pushtimargiya
Vadavali Compiled by Goswami Gokulnath Charan Sanskrit Excellent collection of all Vaad Granthas of Purva Acharyas
Vadavali Compiled by Goswami ShyamManoharji (Parla) Sanskrit Excellent collection of all Vaad Granthas of Purva Acharyas
Sat-Siddhant-Martanda Pandit Gattulalaji Sanskrit/Gujarati Original granth in Sanskrit with Gujarati Translation
Doctrines of Pushtibhaktimarg: Allegations, Conspiracies and Facts (In context of Maharaj Libel Case) Dhawal Patel, Maitri Goswami, Umang Shirodariya, Utkarsh Sharma, Pratyush Mehrishi, Ami Bhatt, Sharad Goswami Hindi This book focuses on demystifying the mis-conceptions regarding the true and essential characteristics of Pushtimarga in light of the allegations presented in the court during the Maharaj Libel case of 1862 A.D. A lot of books, articles and materials were published on the Maharaj Libel case in past but unfortunately, none of them presented an unprejudiced, unbiased, fair and honest perspective based on the true principles of Pushtimarg as per the founding preceptor - Sri Vallabhacharya. The book presents the honest interpretation of the core principles of Pushtimarg as per the doctrines of Sri Vallabhacharya. The book critically analyzes the arguments presented in the court proceedings, validates them by investigating the facts based on honest interpretation of the core principles of Pushtimarg. The book takes a wholistic approach and presents a broader perspective of analyzing it based on the socio-political affiliations of the actors affiliated with the case, enlists all the myths related to Pushtimarg and debunks them.

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