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Historic Debate in Pushtimarg

Charcha Sabha paksh grahan by Goswami Hariraiji -Sevaswarup ,Seva pradarshan , Sevaprayojan & Sevasthal in Pushtimarg. Watch these Videos

Public Seva NOT in Pushtimarg

Secret of Shree Kumbhandasji Vaarta and Public Haveli Seva not prescribed by Sri Vallabhacharya. Listen to this video by Goswami Shree Shyam Manoharji(kishangarh-parla). Listen here.

Vedant Principles of Swaminarayan sect

"Vedant Principles according to Swaminarayan Sampraday and the Process of Development of Bhakti Sadhana" (New) - Download here

Vedic Religion - Is it a Pagan?

Paper Published by Goswami Shree Shyam Manoharji - Parla titled "Vaishnavi Astha" Part 1 & Part 2
Paper Published by Goswami Shree ShyamManoharji - Parla in Gujarati. Is Vedic Sanatan Hindu religion a Polytheistic Pagan? No. Read the above article.

Are you a true Pushtimargiya?

Read this article and Pushti Siddhant Sukti - Download here

Bhagwad Seva Sahitya - Vastra Introduction

Hari (Green) Jari Laal(Red) Jari Safed(White) Jari Kesari Jari

Kaarchobi nu Vastra

A type of Jardoji, Zari mettalic work

Kinkhaab (Design in Satin) Kinkhaap (Design in satin) Resham Resham upar design Resham (Kinkhaab)
Taas nu Vastra (White) - One type of Resham Taas nu Vastra (Red) Taas Nu Vastra (Green)

Laal Chandi Ke Chapa

Chapa nu Vastra

Kesari Chandi Ke Chapa Vastra
Kaarchobi (Jari ) Kaarchobi Chaapa Chappa Chundadi
Chundadi Chundadi Laheriya - Panch rang Laheriya - Panch Rang Kesari Doriya - Janmashtami
Safed Doriya Piroja Rang Malmal (Very fine soft Cotton fabric) Yellow Rang Malmal Haro Rang (Green) Malmal Suva pankhi Malmal
  Gulenaar Rang - Malmal GuleBansi Rang -Malmal Malayagiri Rang - Malmal Red Malmal
Sosni Rang - Malmal Kesari Malmal White Malmal More to come... Chhit nu Vastra

Vastra and Utsav Listing

1 Doriya Vastra Janmashtami, Radhashtami, Vaaman Dwadashi, Rathyatra,
2 Laheriya Vastra Few days in Month of Bhado, Ashwin, Gangauri days, During Hindola,
3 Chapa Vastra During the days of NavVilas, Few days after Dwitiya Paat, Samvatsar Utsav,
4. Jari ke Vastra During Dashahara, Sharadotsav, Diwali, Annakut till Kartik Sud 15
5. Satin Vastra From Margshish 1 till Makar Sankranti
6. Kinkhaap Vastra Few days in Magsar
7. Chhit Vastra Bhogi Utsav , During days of Khel
8. Vasanti Vastra During the days of Khel
9. Chundadi Vastra Days of Gangauri, Thakurani Tij, Hindola days,
10. Atalas Vastra Ramnavmi UTsav,
11. Malmal Vastra Mostly in Ushnakaal. This is a very soft, fine, cotton fabric
12. Karchobi  Karchobi, a form of raised zari metallic thread embroidery is popular in Rajasthan. It is created by applying flat stitches on cotton padding. Karchobi work can be seen on bridal and formal costumes. It is also done on velvet coverings, curtains, tent hangings and the coverings of animal carts and temple chariots.



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