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Historic Debate in Pushtimarg

Charcha Sabha paksh grahan by Goswami Hariraiji -Sevaswarup ,Seva pradarshan , Sevaprayojan & Sevasthal in Pushtimarg. Watch these Videos

Public Seva NOT in Pushtimarg

Secret of Shree Kumbhandasji Vaarta and Public Haveli Seva not prescribed by Sri Vallabhacharya. Listen to this video by Goswami Shree Shyam Manoharji(kishangarh-parla). Listen here.

Vedant Principles of Swaminarayan sect

"Vedant Principles according to Swaminarayan Sampraday and the Process of Development of Bhakti Sadhana" (New) - Download here

Vedic Religion - Is it a Pagan?

Paper Published by Goswami Shree Shyam Manoharji - Parla titled "Vaishnavi Astha" Part 1 & Part 2
Paper Published by Goswami Shree ShyamManoharji - Parla in Gujarati. Is Vedic Sanatan Hindu religion a Polytheistic Pagan? No. Read the above article.

Are you a true Pushtimargiya?

Read this article and Pushti Siddhant Sukti - Download here

Bhagwad Seva Sahitya - Shringar Introduction

*Jweller of Meena Shringars in this page: Mr. Dinesh Soni (Nathdwara). Contact no - +91-9610000532

*Note: This website neither recommends any specific person nor will take responsibility for any person's action mentioned in this page.

Pacchi-Jadaau Shringar

shirpech Kundal kundal
3 Kalgi - Shirpech in Manek,Panna,Hira Mayurakrut Kundal - Ruby/Emerald/Diamond Makarakrit Kundal in Diamond and Emerald
Matsyakrit Kundal in Ruby/Emerald/Diamond Traval in Ruby/Emerald/Diamond Jadaau Mukut
Haans in Ruby Jadau Kulhe in Diamond with Kulhe Paan (in middle) and Kulhe katara (side ways) Jadaau Tipara in Diamond - Mor Shikha (middle), Left and Right Katara and Tipara Topi
Mayurakrit Mukut in moti and Moti ko Shish Phool and Kataraa Piroja Shirpech and Shishful Katara Moti Shirpech
Moti Mala with Diamond Padak Manek Shirpech and Shishful katara Hira Shirpech and Shisful Katara
Aayudh - Chakra, Shankh and Gadaa Golden Kirit with Studded Emerald and Ruby Golden Mukut
Piroja Pacchi Mukut Golden Kirit-Mukut Kiritam - Moti
Golden Tipara Heera Panna and Manek ShishFul Katara Manek Shirpech Jadau
Panna Shirpech Panna Mukut Kulhe Shringar with Mor Chandrika Jod
Kulhe Shringar in Moti Kulhe with BadlaniChandrika JOd Kulhe Shringar with Mor Chandrika Jod
Gokarna Lum-Tora Bantaji
Rajasthani Pagh Nepali Pagh Jadau Topi&Pagh
Moti Vetra Jadau Venuji Gaadi - Kadaa
Chandra & Surya Chandrika Shirpech - Gold Traval
Dank Mukut Various Jadau Various Jadau
Various Gaadi Malas Jadau Mala Gaadi Malas
Hamel Vallabhi Mala Cheep Malas
Meena Mukut Meena Shirpech Meena Tipara
Meena Shirpech Meena Mala Meena Kalangi

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